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Selections from my Record Collection : Egypt - Egypt (1988)

This is an obscure, even though not (anymore) rare album by a band whose activity is difficult to be tracked on the internet (this is to a big extend caused by the fact that they have chosen to record under a very non...unique name). With some research and after having to double-check that I am referring to the "correct" Egypt (since, to add insult to injury, there are more groups using the same "extraordinary" name) I have found to my surprise that the same band who released this record, is now continuing as a Blues Rock act...

This surprise comes from the fact that the record is one of the quite acclaimed and sought-after albums amongst the fans of traditional metal and especially fans of N.W.O.B.H.M. (even though its release year falls "outside" the timeline of the respective scene). Truth is, that despite its very peculiar and -allow me to say- odd start, using as an opening song a quite mediocre cover of Crazy Horses by The Osmonds (not sure if the band really liked the song or this was a commercial gimmick - on the other hand 1988 was a bit late to capitalise on The Osmonds popularity...), Egypt (the album) is a very good artefact of melodic speed metal with some elements of Doom and an album that despite its weak production would very much please fans of early Iron Maiden and Motörhead. While not essential is worth exploring in my opinion.

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