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I don't believe that you mean well...

Even for someone who is not a native English speaker (hence does not have an "immediate" understanding of the lyrics as they are being delivered by vocalist Jesse Matthewson) it is easily understood that NULL, the new album by Canadian Ken Mode, is a statement of anger and desperation. As implied in the title of the album's first song, the lyrics are written in the form of "open letters", expressing sentiments like anger, failure and abdication. Are the recipients of these messages many or just one, this is unknown and in my opinion unimportant for the listener as long as this becomes cathartic for the artist...

Musically, Ken Mode combine noise, hardcore and industrial elements providing the most dissonant soundscape possible to accompany the dark nature of their lyrics. NULL, is an album that has been created neither to comfort nor to entertain and -despite its darkness- it is still highly addictive. I am not sure though if this is not because it places the listener in a voyeur's position, watching someone's mental collapse as it progressively unfolds through the songs of the album. Album of the year contestant for sure...


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