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We Sing Now The Long Song...

2022 is nearly at its end but unlike the previous years I feel not in the right mood to write a full retrospective or at least one that includes top-lists per category and genre. I have taken, since many weeks, a "break" from the blog and possibly will not resume with regular posts before early next year so what I will do instead is to write about the one and only album which "marked" this year for me...

The Pax Cecilia were a band that I came into contact back in 2010 during a transitional phase in my life and since then, their monumental album Blessed Are The Bonds has been one of my favourite albums ever. This year, more then a decade later, their (unofficial) successors Ode And Elegy (Kent Fairman Wilson is the common member amongst the two groups), a band with similar ethics (as they also share their art for free thus making a contribution to the Human experience as they mention) have presented us one of the most important artistic statements ever.

Ode and Elegy, their self-titled debut, found me in a similar turning point in my life more emotional and possibly more vulnerable and it has become the album that I would like to keep from this year as it very well summarises it...Dramatic, Lyrical, Introspective, Intense, Powerful, Emotional and- hopefully- Cathartic and Promising at its closing...

If you decide to download the album please think about contributing, it is the right thing to do in order to allow such masterpieces to continue to be created...


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