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Selections from my Record Collection : Blues Creation : Blues Creation/Demon & Eleven Children

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Ever since I made the post about the debut album of Carmen Maki, I felt the urge to "complete" it by writing about the first two albums of Blues Creation. Formed in 1969, the Japanese band recorded their first, self-titled album already in the same year. Containing only covers of Delta and Chicago Blues standards it was not really providing a hint about the direction that the band was going to follow with their second album. Maybe the only exception was the a' la Black Sabbath cover of Rollin' And Tumblin' where Kezuo Takeda´s frenzy guitar playing transformed the song into a Hard Rock hymn!

Their second record, carrying the strange, but imaginative, title Demon & Eleven Children was released 2 years later having been recorded at the same time with Maki´s album. Taking a different music direction (truth is that with the exception of Takeda, most of the other Blues Creation personnel was not permanent), it was a fine proof that Hard Rock had reached and had started being absorbed and influencing the Far East youth. Still retaining some Blues influences though and despite the "exotic" English accent and the (more than) apparent Sabbath influences it is still nowadays a "must-listen" for anyone who wants to seriously explore the beginnings of Hard Rock.

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