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Northern Crown - In a Pallid Shadow review (2020)

I believe that the number of Doom albums that I have purchased or received for review during 2020, exceeds any previous year's number with some of them having already set a serious candidacy for my year-end best album list. Northern Crown with their third release named In a Pallid Shadow, are definitely going to be one of these candidates. To begin with, I would mention that their Doom (fortunately) does not have any stoner or sludge references and (more fortunately) also does not qualify to be categorised under the epic-heroic-heavy metal subgenre. By deviating clearly from two common Doom pillars, Northern Crown have instead chosen to provide a 70's-prog "flavour" to their sound with this choice being to a very big extend supported by the magnificent vocals of Frank R. Serafine which authenticate the Hard Rock character of In a Pallid Shadow, making it an album which can be very much enjoyable beyond the fans of its genre. And I believe this is where the quality of it lies...

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