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Faceless Burial - Speciation review (2020)

2020 is a year which has offered us a significant amount of excellent Death Metal releases and Speciation, the second full length (3d release overall) by Australian trio Faceless Burial, is another very good example of an album done absolutely right. Their Death Metal manages to sound both traditional and technical at the same time, avoiding the usage of abstract rhythms and meaningless riffs played at an insane speed. There are of course fast moments but the riffs are memorable and -when needed- incorporate melodic parts (check out the work done in the solos as well). Supported by a well structured drum playing and a solid clear production, the 6 compositions of Speciation are "allowed" to fully "unfold" in the ears of the listener. Sounding like a perfect mixture between Morbid Angel and early Death, Faceless Burial are one of the best Death Metal bands I have listened to this year...

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