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Defeated Sanity - The Sanguinary Impetus review (2020)

I have to admit that I gave it a lot of thought before writing this post. The reason is that there is a borderline between what is objectively good and what someone actually likes as an outcome of his own taste, culture, personality and experiences and I have to say that after listening plenty of times to the new album by Defeated Sanity I was not able to make these two things reconcile.

The Sanguinary Impetus is a release of Brutal Technical Death Metal and I would start by saying that what is an indisputable fact is that Defeated Sanity possess an enormous amount of technical skills and instrumental mastery. The songs are super fast and have good riffs, the drumming is insane, there is a variety of alternations of rhythms within each song and last but not least, the production is solid enough and manages to control this variety of ideas without ending up in sonic chaos. So from technical point of view The Sanguinary Impetus is a flawless album. But...

...and there is a but because unfortunately after finishing listening to the album nothing memorable stayed when it comes to the compositions. I would avoid saying that the album is sterile but somehow I feel that it is "overloaded" eventually resulting in giving more importance to form over substance.

These are some personal thoughts. I am more than sure that The Sanguinary Impetus will top many lists at the end of this year (and that will be undoubtedly very well deserved) but it will be difficult to make it in any of mine...

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