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Begräbnis - IZANAENA review (2020)

Begräbnis translates from German as "Funeral" in English and I must admit that the Japanese trio could not have made a better choice for a band name than that, as it designates precisely the musical content of their debut LP IZANAENA.

Containing 4 tracks which span in over 40 minutes, and staying "faithful" to the Japanese "inclination" to the most extreme and bizarre forms of artistic expression, IZANAENA is for sure not an "easy" listening. Despite the usage of drum machines there is no slight hint of "rhythm". On the contrary, the songs being heavy, (extremely) slow and (being) helped by the atonality, the "covert" melodies and the growling vocals (they) generate a sonic outcome which is sinister and exquisitely wonderful at the same moment.

IZANAENA is released on 28th October

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