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WoR - Prisoners review (2020)

W.o.R. describe themselves as a groove metal band however my description for what I have listened to in Prisoners is nothing else than good solid US Metal which is heavily influenced by pioneering bands of the genre like God Forbid and Lamb of God. The later especially, are a big (and very obvious) influence in the sound of W.o.R. (just take notice on the drum production) ! But does this mean that Prisoners is a bad album ?

Absolutely not !

Putting aside the (relative) lack of originality I would honestly say that I enjoyed Prisoners very much and I may even dare to state that I would rather continuing listening to this one than the latest album of Lamb of God. Rather bold statement from my end but if you exclude the odd cover version to Offspring's Come Out and Play, Prisoners is a very heavy and enjoyable release which can guarantee some neck sprain from head banging...

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