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The Young Gods, Play Terry Riley In C - Basel, Kaserne 15.12.2022

While heading to the concert hall that night, I was not sure if it was the weather or my mood that was colder. After some of the most difficult days -on personal level- the prospect of seeing and listening to live music was something very much needed. Upon arriving in Kaserne, a couple of things came to my mind. Firstly, even though it was my first time there since the pandemic I was still feeling that I was being in a familiar place. The live concerts I have seen and the time I have spent there cannot be easily erased by more than two years of absence due to lockdowns. Secondly, observing the average age of the attendants (who nevertheless were some of the coolest and smartest dressed people I have ever seen) I realised that it was ranging between 50-60 years old. I know that The Young Gods are somehow legends of the Swiss scene however the absence of a younger audience was obvious. Possibly the fact that Zeal and Ardor were playing the same night in the suburbs of Basel did not help much either...

The concert started at 21:15 (punctuality is never to be questioned in a country like Switzerland) and as Franz Treichler informed us, the night would be divided in 2 parts. An hour playing their last album interpretation of Terry Riley's In C, followed by a "normal" concert (as he mentioned) consisting both of new songs and also songs from their monumental album T.V. Sky who "celebrates" its 30 years from its original release.

Even though the structure of the nearly 2 hour show (not counting the 30 minute pause between the sets) was nearly an emotional rollercoaster (from the devoutness - there was not a whisper or a sign of mobile phone in air - during the execution of In C, to the mystification during the new songs - which seem to be more electronic and dance oriented - to finally the ending climax caused by the heavy industrial sounds of T.V. Sky songs) the 300 spectators -firmly packed by the arrangement of the stage- were seeming to have a great time. The feeling of "old friends" meeting again was apparent. For me personally, the last concert of a difficult year has been a cathartic experience...

Setlist :


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