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Snakeblade - The Kingdom review (2020)

Snakeblade is (yet another) one man project created to act as an artistic refuge and to channel creativity during the global pandemic times. Its creator describes it as "one man nerdy n'dirty black metal" however with the exception of the vocals which bare similarities to Dani Filth (from Cradle of Filth fame), I did not manage to identify further association(s) to that genre.

What I "listened" instead, is technical thrash metal with a lot of progressive elements that helped make a reference to bands like Vektor rather than anything Black Metal related. This shall not prevent though any fan of extreme metal from listening to The Kingdom as it is evidently a project that was curated with love and good taste. Despite some small weaknesses in the production (like the over-digitalised drum sound) I have personally enjoyed the The Kingdom very much and I consider it an album worth spending money and time on it.

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