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Selections from my Record Collection : The Comes - No Side (1983)

The post about OXZ provided me the idea to explore deeper the "Japanese" part of my collection and I think that there is no better way to begin this than presenting No Side, the debut album by The Comes a legendary female fronted Hardcore/punk band from Tokyo.

Many consider GISM as the quintessential band of the Japanese Hardcore/punk scene however in my opinion nothing can overcome the ferocity and the sheer energy of this album. 11 songs in less than 20 minutes (which actually makes it technically an EP rather than a full album) that despite their raw aggression are still well played and recorded!

This EP stands out as a genre classic (and not only of the Japanese scene) and has been recently reissued (thus it is quite easy to be found). If you consider yourself a serious Hardcore/punk fan, this release should not be missing from your collection.

Bandcamp page (Reissue label)

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