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Selections from my Record Collection : Sicher - Sicher (1981)

I have many times written about how important I consider the CD format in helping rediscovering obscure and (thus) expensive releases of the past. In the case of Sicher the CD format helped me also "reconcile" with an album that I had initially disliked...

I firstly came to know about this album back in 2016, when I was bidding for it in a domestic auction. At that time I was not aware that this was one of the most rare Swiss prog albums something which I eventually realised when I saw the ending price of the auction. Possibly this was what had biased me negatively and eventually when I had the opportunity to give a listen to the album, I was not impressed considering (possibly right at that time) the value of it an outcome of its rarity and not of its merit...

Thankfully, recently I found out by coincidence that the album has been released in CD format (in a logical price) and I decided to purchase a copy and give it another listen (and chance)...

To begin with, Sicher were not a regular band but rather an ensemble of various musicians with (possibly) classical music background and for which no further information is available on the net. The music in their only album release is Prog rock enriched with Jazz which is accurately performed (Sicher were based in Switzerland, the land where everything is performed as perfectly and accurately as a Swiss clock...). This "accuracy" was one of the elements that I had found hard to "digest" when I firstly listened to the album but I have since then "made peace" with it (after all we are talking about a Jazz/prog album here). I believe that the "key way" for any listener to manage to "accept" this album is by considering that this was an one-off "exercise" on the specific genre, rather than the expression of a certain artistic need. Therefore it was flawlessly (but also soullessly) delivered...

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