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Selections from my Record Collection : Shane Pacey Trio

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I like to call myself a record collector. For nearly 30 years I have been collecting records, CDs, Cassette-tapes, DVDs, Books, Magazines and generally everything that has to do with the music culture. I started with listening to Heavy metal (who hasn't after all) and even though that still the biggest portion of my collection consists of metal and all its relevant sub-genres (crossing over to punk and alternative rock), I would still like to consider myself an open minded music listener.

That saying there is nothing better than being in a bar, drinking some beers with a good company while listening to a nice band playing live. I think we all would agree on that, right ? Because this is how I came into contact with Shane Pacey Trio a few years ago when it was still safe and the norm to be able to travel. It was a gloomy Sunday afternoon after a full day of walking and exploring the area around Sydney's Darling harbour, being thirsty and hungry when I heard the warm sound of blues coming from a nearby hotel. Without losing more time we entered the hotel bar, took a seat, ordered some (which eventually became a lot) beers and enjoyed Shane Pacey Trio playing the Blues ! That day I bought their two CDs which I still keep and listen quite often. This is one of the reasons that I consider my record collection one of the most important (after my family of course) things in my life. Because, for every physical item in it there is a memory or a story linked to it...

Coming to the music in the CDs, Watch Out! was recorded in 2015 and with the exception of a couple of originals it mostly contains covers of several Blues standards. That is not an issue though as the delivery is excellent thus not disturbing the album consistency and flow. Helios (which means Sun in Greek) was recorded one year later, contained more originals, was (a bit) more Rock oriented but still, like it is predecessor, is a great album listening during a late evening at home.

I am not sure when (or better If) I will ever visit Australia again but I will still remember that Sunday afternoon each time I play these two CDs...

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