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Selections from my Record Collection : Joe Lally - There to Here (2006)

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

In one of my previous blogposts I was referring to the way I "consume" printed media nowadays and especially to my appreciation for magazines such as The Wire. It was yet another comprehensive article in the latest issue of the good magazine (this time about the history and ethics of Dischord Records) that made me go once again through the shelves of my collection. This week's selection is not any of the label's prominent releases, it is actually an album that is neither Hardcore nor Punk but is still a representative Dischord record....

There to Here was the 2006 debut solo album by Joe Lally, known as the bass player of Fugazi. Bass as instrument, always played a prominent role in the sound of Fugazi and the same applies here. Of course the songs in There to Here have nothing to do with punk or hardcore. On the contrary there is a lo-fi, I would even call it "jazzy" atmosphere and this is mainly due to the free form of the songs. What still maintains the punk character though are the lyrics. Highly political, exactly what should have been expected by artists like Lally who never during their career have betrayed their principals.

There to Here, is by no means a groundbreaking album but it is definitely an honest one. Exactly like each Dischord release!

...As we walk side-by-side

Hear everything clearly

We are the masses

We can't be pushed around...

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