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Selections from my Record Collection : Harkonen - Shake Harder Boy (2002)

Back in the early 2000s it was the period when Mathcore was the "Toast of the Town" and during that time I was purchasing, mainly via mailorder, anything that had to do with this scene and was released by labels like Hydrahead, Relapse, Ipecac etc. You see in those years such labels were not broadly distributed in the European record stores and ordering using catalogues was the only possible way to purchase their releases. A considerable and (eventually) very respectable part of my CD collection is still owed in that era and albums from bands like Isis, Botch, Cave In, The Dillinger Escape Plan which are now some of the crown jewels of my collection have been acquired back then.

A band from that era which (unjustifiably in my opinion) did not manage to reach the "fame" or even the artistic recognition levels of the fore mentioned artists, were/are Harkonen. One of their founding and core members was Ben Verellen (Bass & Vocals) which is also the brother of Dave Verellen from Botch (and also member of Roy and Narrows). Compared to Botch, Harkonen managed, music-wise, to "tame" their noise rock without reaching to core or metal extremities, being less chaotic and fast thus (eventually) sounding more similar to acts like Jesus Lizard and Big Black.

I still play this CD quite often theses days and this is not only for nostalgia reasons but because I considered it as an under-appreciated gem. I suggest that you also give it a chance.

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