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Selections from my Record Collection : G.I.S.M. - Detestation (1983)

Some of this week's most exciting news were about the upcoming official re-release (by Relapse Records) of G.I.S.M.s classic 1983 album Detestation. The announcement was met with such response that Relapse web shop crashed as soon as it opened for preorders due to the increased demand and high number of "hits"! Being long time out of print and having seen many bootleg pressings through the years, Detestation is considered by many as THE definite Japanese Hardcore/Punk album. Even though my opinion is quite different when it comes to which is the quintessential Japanese Hardcore/Punk album (you can read about it here), I still cannot deny the significance and influence of it.

My first "encounter" with G.I.S.M. was when I listened to Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter in the legendary Peace/War compilation. As you can imagine this abominable mixture of Discharge and Venom, ugly but totally addictive at the same time, blew me off. I am not sure if Detestation was something that was "produced" by accident or it was intentional however it still stands out as an absolute classic and influential album. Refusing to conform to any categorisation or to any genre defining norms, it is a perfect example of what the real meaning of punk was. Hopefully the new hype that I am sure that it will get, will help new generations of listeners to appreciate it and (why not) get to know the Japanese scene deeper.

Detestation will be re-released on December 4th and you can you preorder or get the "experience" of it, here :

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