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Selections from my Record Collection : Deep Purple - Come Taste the Band (1975)

"The first Whitesnake Album", "The Bolin/Coverdale Album", "Not a Real Deep Purple Album" are some of the titles that Come Taste the Band has received over the years but I strongly believe that the "reputation" of the album has more to do with the "politics" and the situation inside and around the band at the time before its release, rather than its actual musical value and virtues.

Being (unfortunately) the only Deep Purple album that features Tommy Bolin in the guitar, it is actually a quite significant departure from their landmark sound. Being more Blues, Funk (am I the only one who is "reminded" of RHCP when listening to songs like I Need Love ?) and even Soul influenced (listen to the sensational You Keep on Moving) it indicates a desire of the band to further "expand" and develop their sound. That development was very much helped by the distinct playing of Bolin which was more emotional, "playful", "colourful" and even -allow me to say- "sexy" rather than trying to imitate the monolithic neoclassical virtuosity of Blackmore. Not omitting to include fast hard rocking anthems like the (perfect) opener Comin' Home, Come Taste the Band is an album of a rich musical variety and remains for me an underrated gem that waits for open-minded listeners to discover it....

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