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Selections from my Record Collection : Bullet Lavolta - the Gift (1989)

I always had the feeling that "the Gift" is one of those albums that were released in the wrong time. The year was 1989 and - for those who lived back then and remember - it was a year when Hair/Glam Rock was prevailing, therefore the dirty and heavily influenced by punk Hard Rock of Bullet Lavolta had little chances to offer them a big career or even a short breakthrough. Had "the gift" been released a couple of years later (and particularly after "Nevermind") I have the strong belief that it would be now included in all the great grunge-era album retrospective lists.

I am by no means someone who glorifies obscurities or everything from the past but to be honest and fair, an album that contains songs like "Little Tiny Pieces" can not be easily ignored...even if it can be easily nowadays found in the dollar bargain bins...

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