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This month's batch contains 9 new releases covering (almost) all the spectrum of the extreme sound. Many thanks to the bands and agents who honour this blog by sharing their artistic effort.

Maentra - Kundalini Rising

Maentra come from San Francisco and they play Industrial Grindcore. To be very honest, at first I thought that I am going to listen something similar to bands like Bezerker however what Maentra actually deliver is good solid Death Metal with great work on the riffs and some electronic elements added on top which do not prevail thus not altering the nature of the sound (which is still Death Metal) but are rather used for enhancing the atmosphere. Thumbs up from me...

Accursed Womb - Hymns of Death And Misery

Accursed Womb play old school death metal. Their music is straightforward and simplistic avoiding unnecessary technicalities and this works in favour of them as it strengthens the aggressiveness and the originality of the songs.

Syntax/Sacthu - Split EP

Split EP between Spanish Sachtu who play archetypical grind/power violence and New Yorkers Syntax who even though they belong to the same grindcore "territory" they sound more interesting (at least to my ears) due to their "Jazzy" elements and reduced metal influences.

Snøgg - Dan, ko je vrag vzel šalo

Snøgg formed in Slovenia in 2013 they call their music free-ride black metal and (as they claim) they take no boundaries in discovering the vast soundscapes of black metal and other surrounding extreme and alternative genres...well, if there is one band that their sole 20 minute song reminded me of, in all its ugly beauty comprised by progressive, folk, black metal and noise elements, this is none other than the Czech pioneers Master's Hammer and I am making this reference only as a compliment here...

Pillaging Villagers - Pillaging Villagers

Honestly, I find it hard to describe or classify under any genre what Pillaging Villagers play in their self-titled album but I must say that is one of the most enjoyable things I have recently listened to. Punk, folk rock, Maiden guitar riffs, Blind Guardian, King Diamond, Annihilator or perfectly blended together delivering a universal anti-authoritarian message. Please listen and save your souls!

Mamorlis - Sturdy as an Oak

Mamorlis have in their ranks the bassist of Aenigmatum a band responsible for one of the best Death Metal albums of last year. This EP has nothing to do with Death metal though but it draws its inspirations from epic metal legends like Manilla Road. Expect no fast power metal riffs, the music is slower and focuses more on the epic character and the atmospheres with the necessary Iron Maiden inspired solos being -of course- present. Fans of the genre will love it but into my ears it sounds more as a tribute rather than anything genuine.

Chemicide - Common Sense

Thrash metal from Costa Rica which follows the US school having Exodus as main reference but also incorporating some hardcore influences like Sacred Reich did in their first releases. Had this album been released in the 80's it would have been classified amongst genre classics.

The Design Abstract - Metemtechnosis

Sci-fi metallers The Design Abstract come from Canada and as they mention about their new album :

Metemtechnosis is part two in the Technotheism trilogy. It tells the story of humanity's rebirth and eventual conflict with the singularity-consciousness and those that fight under it's command. Aberration Omega are a group of rebels who, led by the iconic Decryptor, seek to destroy the tyrannical reign of those who oppress the freedoms of neo-humanity.

In music terms, Metemtechnosis is technical death metal with great melodies, catchy symphonic parts (reminiscing Nightwish) and fabulous guitar work. In other words another highly enjoyable album.

Hyperia - Silhouettes of Horror

Last but not least, another Thrash metal album for this month. Silhouettes of Horror is full of aggressive and fast riffs however it follows a more traditional metal approach making me inclined to classify it as speed metal rather than pure thrash (even though it does not lack heavier moments like Pleonexia track). Very good effort!


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