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Proscription - Conduit review (2020)

Sometimes just by looking at an album cover or even considering the record company that is behind a specific release, you immediately (and) instinctively know whether what you are going to listen is good or not. This is what I thought as soon as the second song, the raging "The Burning Son" kicked off. Conduit is the debut album by Proscription due next week by Dark Descent Records (a company which as I implied in the beginning of my text has not given us any mediocre or subpar release so far) and is one of the strongest Death Metal records of 2020. What really impressed me in the 9 songs of the album, is the way that aggressiveness is enriched with "lurking" melodies something which eventually works as an advantage helping to enhance the sinister atmosphere of the album. Do not get me wrong here, this has nothing to do with the melodic Scandinavian sound. This is dark and (almost) ingenious Blackened Death Metal.

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