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Even a small (and not run on professional basis) blog like this one, receives an approximate number of 50 promos per week. Add to the previous number, albums which I will anyhow purchase as a fan and collector and it can be easily understood that chances that a release will skip my attention are quite high. This blog does not aspire to become by any means "influential" but I still like to be respectful to the bands who take time to share their work with me and give them at least one listen. Some promos never "make it" to a second one (listen) while some of others provide me the inspiration to write a few words about them...

Stheno - Wardance

Greek Grindcore masters prove with their new album that they are still in great shape. Their insanely hypersfast Grindcore may sound like a Death metal record played in 45 rpm, however their songs still allow room for melody (!) and this works in favour of the albums diversity.

Rat King - Santa Hipocresía

Continuing with another Grindcore release, the new EP by Seattle's Rat King. Great riffs and technical moments generate a sound closer to latest Napalm Death and Lock Up. The 5 songs work rather like an "appetiser" leaving the listener hungry" for more...

Bone Tower - We All Will Die One Day

Bone Tower come from Canada and they successfully combine grind and old school Death metal, reminding Entombed of the first two albums (but less groovy and more faster-all songs have a duration around or less than 1 min) and even Discordance Axis. That is for sure a mix not typical of the Canada scene, nevertheless they are a band that I have sorted out as We All Will Die One Day sounds classy and interesting.

Veilburner - Lurkers in The Capsule Of Skull

Veilburner's dissonant black metal is interesting with its creepy melodies and strange tempos managing at the same moment to remain aggressive and very much "in your face". The final result sounds "Progressive" enough to my ears with maybe one objection that can be raised and that is about the "flat" production...

Zmarłym - Druga Fala

Just about when I was complaining about the existence of too many Polish black metal bands that try to sound like Behemoth, the new album by Zmarłym came to prove me wrong. Post Black Metal that manages to be interesting, adventurous and multidimensional without losing in brutality.

Autokrator - Persecution

Autokrator have been compared to Portal, a statement with which I do not 100% agree. That is probably because I have followed them since their early releases and this makes me insist that their atonal death metal is this time delivered in the form of their most well worked and 'accessible" album.

Rhine - Ausland

Rhine, despite their name and their album title, come from Seattle. Their sound is progressive Death metal with excellent work on the guitars, beautiful melodies (interchanged with growl vocals) and (the necessary) atmospheric parts. Nothing not played before to be honest, however still well composed and delivered.

Thirteen Bled Promises - Foundation

At first I thought that this was a Black Metal album but the more I continued listening different elements came up like Technical Death Metal and even Beatdown parts - all thrown-in in a way that, weirdly enough, finally works (probably helped by the good work in riffs and melodies).

Shumaun - Memories & Intuition

Last but not least, an album that I have been mostly listening in the last days (even though it is a September release). Another fine example of the "type" of prog I like : Proper song compositions put primarily in place and where the technical ideas unfold within them (and not meaningless virtuosity to cover the absence of proper songwriting). The songs are melodic, direct and memorable and that makes Memories & Intuition a really enjoyable album. Mark Zonder participates in 2 songs.


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