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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

I took another long break from blogging as I wanted to dedicate more time to my day-job and to my loved ones. I am maintaining this blog purely for fun and recreation and as I do not "see" it as any kind of profession, posting regularly or keeping any kind of deadlines is not my interest...

I still have many ideas for features that could be posted here but unfortunately no time (currently) to focus and work on them, so instead (and without wanting by any means to diminish the below albums as non important) I will present some of the best underground releases that I have "cherrypicked" from this year's "seed"....

Anomaly - Planet Storm

Despite their name, Anomaly are a Technical Death Metal band from Milwaukee and this is their debut full length album. While technical, melody is strongly present something that makes the listening of Planet Storm an utmost enjoyable and interesting experience.

Sunless - Ylem

Sunless play also technical Death Metal however their sound is more on the dissonant side and less traditionally metal than Anomaly. This differentiation though, does not reduce their virtues and those who adored the album of Ad Nauseam this year, will have one more release to play side by side.

Cultum Interitum - Veneration of The New Dawn

Cultum Interitum are coming from Poland so the strong presence of Black Metal elements in their Death metal shall be considered obvious. Slow, dark, atonal and non-melodic Veneration of the New Dawn is a monument in blasphemy

Phantasmagore - Abominations...(Demo)

Some may say that the demo from Chilean Phantasmagore sounds like it is "trying" too much to sound old-school. I would say "who cares" as despite its anachronous character it does not sound odd or outdated. Those who had (or wish they had) started listening to music in the 80's will appreciate this demo...

Coffin Breath - The Tenebrous Mist

With a name like this, chances that they would play something different than Funeral Doom Metal, with plenty (of course) Death Metal elements, are small. While there is a (might I say) obvious mystery behind their origin or members, I would take a guess and say that they come form Greece. Great stuff nonetheless.

Chestcrush -Vdelygmia

Relentlessly brutal mix of Sludge, Grindcore and Death Metal with a clear antichurch/antichristian concept is what Chestcrush offer in their latest release. Thumbs up from me!

Zvarna - Αδιάγνωστο Ψυχεδελικό Demo 2021

The new demo from Zvarna (after nearly 8 years) finds them (unlike the ironic title) not very psychedelic but rather aggressive and melodic at the same time. A exquisite mixture of crust, hardcore, grindcore and Motörhead coming from a country with a tradition in this sound (Anti-mob)

Kvadrat / Moeror / Human Serpent Split

Five song split release by 3 of the most promising Greek Black Metal bands. All profits gathered from this release will be donated for the support of animals that were affected in the summer Greek wildfires. Who said that Black Metal is evil?

Chain Cult - We Are Not Alone

If there is one issue with the new release of Chain Cult is its duration. Only 2 songs in less than 7 minutes leave the listener "starving" for their wonderful post punk melodies.

Witnesses - The Collapse

Due for release around October end, the new album by Witnesses while doom in its origins it defies genres and categorisations and that is mainly due to the wonderful vocal harmonies and its progressive character.


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