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Plague Weaver, Psychoneurosis/Herida Profounda/Suffering Quota, Dead Exaltation reviews (2020/2021)

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Times are (still) very busy but I am still trying my best to reserve some moments for writing and post some overdue reviews. Three, but nevertheless noteworthy albums are what we present this week. Et voilà...

Plague Weaver - Ascendant Blasphemy

Plague Weaver is a Black/Doom metal band from Canada created back in 2018. They had released their debut EP in 2019 which was followed in early 2020 by another EP named ‘Through the Sulphur Eyes’. In 2020, after adding a new vocalist, they have released their first full length showcasing their combination of Black and Doom metal which in my opinion works successfully. The songs have an epic and atmospheric character and despite its modernity, Ascendant Blasphemy will appeal easily to the orthodox Black metal fans.

Psychoneurosis/Herida Profunda/Suffering Quota - In Fear We Trust split

3 way split album from bands coming from Netherlands and Poland. The music in the album varies from Crust and Hardcore to Grindcore. I think there is no need for comparisons here, the bands share common views and aesthetics, making the result homogenous and if anything crushing...

Dead Exaltation - Despondent

I am really happy that almost each week my review posts include at least one group from Asia. This time we have Dead Exaltation, a trio coming from Pune in India and who play technical Death Metal. I really liked the work done on the song riffs and I have to say that they have reminded me bands such as mid-era Death and classic Pestilence. I feel that Dead Exaltation have not reached their peak yet, nonetheless Despondent is a very good album.

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