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No Guilt, No Revolt

Hostage of Fate are a band followed by this blog since its very own humble beginnings. Both their previous albums had been presented in the former incarnation of Jupiter Variation (with the review of II being one of my very first blog posts) and we feel more than honoured that parts of those reviews are still having a prominent place in the band's Bandcamp page.

After 6 years of absence, Hostage of Fate have just returned with their new album titled Blessed Light Blue and what is immediately apparent is the next level of maturity that the group has reached. In my opinion this is very much owed to the fact that now Hostage of Fate are a full member band hence their sound - helped by the nice work in production and mixing - is much more "natural".

This same progression is also very much reflected in the music. From the "in your face" Death/Thrash of the previous releases, Hostage of Fate have now reached to a more versatile and melodic (that is thanks to the excellently written guitar riffs) mix of Hardcore and Grindcore which -at least to my ears- references Converge and Dephosphorus.

If you add to the above the wonderful work done on the album cover then you have a more than welcome return which will hopefully find soon its way to a physical format release.

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