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Mixtape : Products Of A Cold War Vol 1

Despise You - All The Regimes You Hold Most Dear

Benümb - Nothing From Nothing

Assück - Socialized Crucifixion

Totalitär - Slawen Av Sanning

Skitsystem - Under Hopplöshetens Kalla Stjärna

Agathocles - Tele-Conning

Extreme Noise Terror - We The Helpless

Insect Warfare - Necessary Death

Discordance Axis - Radiant Arkham

Napalm Death - Life?

Nasum - Divine Intervention

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Ex-Cop

Gadget - For What Cause?

Masakari - VIII Echoes

Martyrdöd - Överlevaren

Tragedy - Products Of A Cold War

Victims - Seven

Wolfbrigade - Hurricane Veins

His Hero Is Gone - Hinges

Nausea - Hear Nothing/Ain’t No Feeble Bastard

Terveet Kädet - Message

Disfear - Fiery Father

From Ashes Rise - Hell In The Darkness

Disrupt - Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish

SxOxBx - Look Like Devil II (Hell)

Suppository - Raised By Hatred

Comrades - Kick Your Ass

Fuck On The Beach - Go Muscle

Weekend Nachos - Prioritize

Maruta - Chemical tomb

Wormrot - Behind Closed Doors

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