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Kratzer - Alles Liegt In Scherben / Undertakers - Dictatorial Democracy review (2020)

"Everything Lies In Pieces", this quite dramatic and pessimistic title pretty much describes the music content of the debut full-length (they have also released two split-albums) by the German band Kratzer. D-Beat Hardcore with the melodies being their strong point making songs like Staub, Error, Dreck, ...Und Alles Liegt In Scherben the highlights of the album. The "polished" production and the strong metal influences may estrange Crust Punk aficionados and purists however fans of modern extreme sound who listen without bias and prejudice will for sure enjoy this album.

Alles Liegt in Scherben was released on October 29

Undertakers on the other hand, are veterans of the Italian extreme scene. Formed in late 1991 as a Death Metal band, they have shared the stage with many prominent acts like Napalm Death, Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Vital Remains, Fuzztones, Sinister, Dog Eat Dog, Krabathor, Disgorge, Pandemia, Ryker’s etc. played European tours and participated in famous festivals like Brutal Assault and Dynamo Open Air. Their sound has eventually transformed into a mix of (political/anarcho) Grind and Hardcore and this new compilation Dictatorial Democracy is an attempt to present all the phases of their career by including new and old songs together with some cover versions (one of them is Fascist Pig by Suicidal Tendencies). Their sound is very close to bands like Napalm Death or Phobia and had not the former released one of the best albums of their career this year, Dictatorial Democracy would have been the prime choice for the fans of the Birmingham grinders.

Dictatorial Democracy was released on October 30

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