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I Am Weak Like A Kitten*

Back in the early 2000´s, Mathcore was the genre the was so much trending between the extreme music fans that even (historically) traditional heavy metal record companies like Metal Blade were jumping on the wagon signing bands like Canvas. Canvas even though in their beginnings they were a straight age hardcore band (their first recordings were sounding like a second class Earth Crisis), in their sole release Lost In Rock attempted to become the English answer to bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch and Coalesce.

Lost in Rock, is an album that needs many and repeated listens in order to get "understood" and  "absorbed". At first, it sounds like an ambitious (even clumsy for some) attempt to "throw into the recipe" as much as possible different music styles and influences : from Hardcore and noise to electronic music, adding some piano and violin parts, reducing the speed and incorporating jazz song structures producing in the end a result that still until today sounds adventurous and appealing to my ears. Lost In Rock is not an album intended to be played while doing other activities, it requires attention and once this is provided, it rewards the listener...

Unfortunately like many other similarly ambitious (and uncommercial) "projects", Lost in Rock remained unappreciated eventually leading Canvas to an inevitable split. They reformed in 2017 playing their final gig in 2018. This recording - together with all their other releases - can be downloaded at "pay what you want" price in Bandcamp.

*The Blog post title is taken from the same-named song contained in the album Lost In Rock by Canvas.....

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