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Hifiklub + Matt Cameron + Daffodil + Reuben Lewis - Rupture review (2020)

Rupture is the recorded outcome of (yet) another project which was conceived and executed remotely in its entirety during the quarantine times, a collaboration between french experimental trio Hifiklub, Pearl Jam/ Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, producer Daffodil, and experimental jazz trumpet player Reuben Lewis.

The album is (almost) instrumental, made up of six distinct movements which can still function as standalone tracks. The cinematic atmosphere provides a melancholic character to the compositions which at certain times even cross-over the borders with post-rock area.

I must say that I have (and still do) dug the album quite a lot. Despite its darkness, it is a glimpse of versatility amongst the extreme metal releases that flood the mail box of this blog.

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