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Hath - Hive (reissue) review (2020)

This is not the first time when a release by New Jersey's Hath is being presented and reviewed in this page, as their 2019 album Of Rot and Ruin had left us (and not only) with great impressions. Motivated by this universal acclaim, they are new reissuing their 2015 digital-only debut EP Hive, in physical format with the addition of one new song.

Hive contains 6 songs and with a duration of nearly 40 minutes one can safely draw the conclusion that their Death Metal is not based on extreme speeds. Instead there is groove, technical complexity and plenty of "sick" riffs to be found in the songs which are masterfully articulated and delivered with the confidence of an already established band. I had not heard the original versions when they were out but this release is too solid and great for a debut and adds up justifiably to the reputation that Hath have gained with Of Rot and Ruin.

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