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Gorephilia - In the Eye of Nothing review (2020)

To be completely honest, the band name in combination with the utter-simplistic front cover (with THIS specific selection of fonts for the title...) had me initially put off from listening to the album. After reading the press release and considering that an album produced by a Finnish band cannot be THAT awful, I decided to give it another chance...

...and as it turned out I couldn't have done better as In the Eye of Nothing is another one of the great Death Metal albums that 2020 has to offer. Following primarily old-school patterns and getting their influences from US bands (rather than Scandinavian), Gorephilia deliver Death Metal which is based on sinister riffs and groove rather than ultra-speed frenziness and chaotic technicality. Catchy but at the same moment aggressive, In the Eye of Nothing is a safe choice for those who are looking for some Death Metal nostalgia.

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