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Fuck the Facts - Pleine Noirceur review (2020)

I had heard the name Fuck the Facts as a band before but I had never had the chance to listen to any of their material until now. Their name and the head title: Canadian Bastardized Grindcore which is prominently displayed in their Bandcamp page were enough to make me think that they are just one more of those Grindcore/Goregrind bands where incoherent noises originating from an underproduced mixture of instruments and growls, is "sold" as music. I don't want to sound conservative here but my good taste imposes limits to my preferences...

With all the previous, it was with utmost reluctance that I approached Pleine Noirceur but what I heard was an immediate (and justifiable) slap to my (ignorant) face!

I am not sure if the term can be valid but I would call this the perfect definition of Post Grindcore. Combining extreme, technical, melodic, atmospheric and sludge parts in a perfectly balanced way, Fuck the Facts together with Napalm Death and Venom Prison have set this year the example of how extreme metal shall be delivered in the future. Pleine Noirceur is an album done the Canadian way, that is with class and style!

Pleine Noirceur releases on November 20

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