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Eximperitus, Ominous Ruin, Disintegration, Kaligula, Undergang review (2020/2021)

I believe that 2020 has been a very good year when it comes to Death Metal releases and this judging both from an arithmetic but also from a quality standpoint. A look back at the number of respective promos that this blog has received but also at my top-25 list for this year, provides sufficient evidence and enough arguments to support this statement. In this blog post (which will most probably be one of the last for 2020) I have selected 5 newly released or upcoming (in early 2021) Death Metal albums.

Starting with Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum from Belarus, or Eximperitus in short and if you do not let the "long and obscure name" gimmick bias you, you will enjoy one of the most impressive Technical Death Metal releases of 2021. Šahrartu perfectly combines brutality with atmosphere, using many melodic elements and sets early enough its candidacy for one of the better albums of the upcoming year. Šahrartu, is planned for release in January 2021.

Another upcoming 2021 release (on February) that has already successfully caught my attention is the new album by Ominous Ruin. Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone while being super technical, does not sound abstract and disoriented by managing to maintain brutality and plenty of groove. As I have written numerous times in the past, when it comes to any of the so-called technical or progressive rock and metal sub-genres, I prefer bands and musicians who are able to write songs rather than only demonstrating single virtuosity. Fortunately, Ominous Ruin manage to do this quite well.

Indonesia (like Malaysia) is a country which despite its strong religious traditions, has a mighty extreme metal scene. There is an article circulating on the web which describes this quite unique phenomenon attributing it on the influence and the cultural impact that Napalm Death's Harmony Corruption has played amongst the Indonesian youth. I suggest that you google for it.

Speaking about the Indonesian Death Metal scene, we have two new releases to present starting with Disintegration a trio whose debut album Prahara while it does not surprise still impresses with its high quality. If you are looking for Death Metal which is based on great riffs and groove drumming without blastbeats, this is a high recommendation.

The second debut from an Indonesian band in this post comes from Kaligula (sic) and once again what we get is textbook Death Metal. Some eastern elements are present bringing to mind bands like Nile, however the result is exceptionally good without any mimicking attempt.

Last but not least, the new album from Undergang is more old-school and non-technical, sounding more closely to the "sludgy" style of early Carcass. Not really my cup of tea but that does not mean that the album is not good and as I have seen it is appearing in many top lists for 2020. Just a matter of personal preference here.

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