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Chaos Over Cosmos - The Ultimate Multiverse review (2020)

This is really an interesting and unique album as the two members of the "group" live in two countries as diverse and remote as Poland and Australia having never met each other ! Despite that, "The Ultimate Multiverse" is already their second album (their debut "The Unknown Voyage" was self-released in 2018 with a different singer) and considering the quality of their material and the global new social distancing reality (which will inevitably convert such projects from an exception to a rule), I am more than assured that it will not be their last.

The music in "The Ultimate Multiverse" is modern metal with a progressive essence concentrated conceptually on Sci-Fi themes. The musicianship throughout the album is excellent and the songs are "catchy" having nice melodies and solid riffs. It is obvious that the two musicians have executed this project with love and fun being primarily fans of this music who want to make their own contribution in it. Thus, they deserve our support !

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