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Buried Realm - Embodiment of the Divine review (2020)

Much like in the case of W.o.R., Embodiment of the Divine the second release by Buried Realm the studio project of Josh Dummer, does not surprise by being groundbreaking or even by close innovative. However being helped by a plethora of other guest musicians such as Andy Gillion (Mors Principium Est), Benjamin Ellis (Scar Symmetry), Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind),Dean Arnold (Operus, ex-Vital Remains), Lee McKinney (Born of Osiris), Peter Wichers (ex-Soilwork),Rafael Trujillo (ex-Obscura) and Ryan Strain (Chaos For The Masses), Dummer manages to deliver 9 modern Death Metal songs which are well composed and executed, demonstrating how well he has absorbed his influences. I have personally enjoyed this album very much and If you want my personal opinion this one has more chances to play in my car this summer rather than the re-recording of Clayman...

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