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Böndbreakr - Böndbreakr review (2020)

BÖNDBREAKR are a hardcore punk/metal quartet from Austin,Texas featuring members from various groups from the local punk/metal scene. After a year of playing lives extensively in Austin area, BÖNDBREAKR are ready to release their first EP which was recorded within a single weekend!

The EP contains 6 songs (actually 5, as "bonus" track number 6 is a repetition of all the previous 5...) which sound 80's thrashcore in the vein of bands such as S.O.D., D.R.I., Gothic Slam, Mucky Pup, (early) Suicidal Tendencies etc. Their songs are energetic, incorporating both socio-political and humorous lyrics crossing this way all the checkboxes in the Hardcore/Punk recipe book. BÖNDBREAKR are obviously a metal band who decided to play punk for fun and despite the old-school feeling, they are by no means just a nostalgia act.

Their self-titled EP releases on October 20, 2020

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