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Arsebreed - BUTOH review (2020)

Despite their (rather tasteless) name, Arsebreed play NOT Goregrind and I would very honestly appeal to any potential listener not to let that name put them off from listening to the band's second album BUTOH which was released this year, 15 entire years after their debut!

And if my words are not enough, the fact that Arsebreed is a collaboration between current and ex-members of Disavowed (whose latest album Revocation of the Fallen has been one of my favourite Technical Death Metal releases for this year) and Pyaemia having Romain Goulon behind the drums, may probably provide an additional hint about the virtues of their Suffocation meets Misery Index Technical Death Metal.

Of course nothing from the above would be really of any value had not BUTOH been a great album and Arsebreed a band who are really capable of writing a good riff and composing songs who can match aggressiveness with a well balanced dose of technicality and which (songs) are not "suffocating" behind meaningless pseudo-prog structures. Excellent album!

You can stream BUTOH here :

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