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Ablaze my Sorrow, Evisorax, Farer, Sufism, Profanity, Intolerant, Uthullun reviews (2020/2021)

2020 may be soon coming to its end but apparently still has to offer some noteworthy albums. Promos of upcoming releases, most of them due for the first quarter of 2021 are already arriving in my mailbox. For the last blog post of 2020, I have selected 7 of them. Enjoy!

Ablaze My Sorrow can be considered as scene veterans as they have been active since 1993. After a disbandment in 2006 and a reformation in 2012, February 2021 will see them releasing their new record Among Ashes and Monoliths, a great example of Melodic Death metal with amazing riffs an album that in my opinion has nothing a lot to be jealous of from the landmark releases of the Swedish Death Metal Scene. I cannot find many negatives in it apart from its long duration. Maybe, and that is only my personal "picky" view, reducing the tracklist by a couple of tunes (especially the mid tempo ones) could have made the final result a bit more "tighter".

Evisorax describe their sound as a mix between Sludge and Grindcore and truth is that only a "trained" and experienced (with such genres) listener would identify their technical virtues behind the wall of noise that Ascension Catalyst is. Personally they bring to my mind bands like Discordance Axis and I mention this only as a reference and a way of expressing how much I liked the album.

The second "noise" release for this blog post is the new album by Dutch group Farer. Monad is their debut album which (owing to its many post and atmospheric elements) is a very good proposal for those who cannot cope with the absence of bands like Isis and Neurosis.

One more promo from an Indonesian band, whose album devotes its concept to the South East Asian nation (the album title translates in English as Peoples Republic). Expect nothing less than what the Indonesian Death Metal scene has been already famous for : un-compromised, sheer brutality from a record that is well produced, written and executed. One more positive aspect for me is the unique and well designed album cover which perfectly matches its concept and title.

Technical Death metal featuring some prominent guests from bands like Suffocation and Decrepit Birth, is what German group Profanity offers in Fragments of Solace. Luckily the technical nature of their music does not compromise the brutality of the material and this gave me a very good reason to select this album for presentation in this post.

Fans of early Sepultura (Shizophrenia era) or Sodom should not miss this one. Maybe not the most original material that someone would listen (just check the second song of the album, Ode to Virus which sounds almost like a cover version of Blasphemer) but fans of old school Black/Thrash Metal will for sure rejoice.

Uthullun's approach is more modern and untraditional as their USBM follows the path of the "unorthodox" Black Metal bands like Deathspell Omega. The "disharmonic" riffs sound sinister enough and provide a dissonant character to the project whose only weak point is the drum mix which sounds more "clean" and digital than such a release would require.

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