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A Revolution Yet to Come*...

I guess anyone who is a regular "crate digger" has experienced a moment which could very well have been a scene coming straight out of the High-Fidelity movie. While paying my last (for this year) visit to my local record store I noticed the unusual (for that store) sound of Black Metal coming out of the loudspeakers. Asking about further information I was told that what was being played was the debut release of Gravpel, a local antifascist Black Metal group. It didn't take many more words to convince me to purchase a copy happily realising that I was not the only one. Well...nicely played I have to admit...

Gravpel come from Basel Switzerland, a city which - mainly due to its bordering with Germany and France - bears (relatively to the whole country) a much more "open" and cosmopolitan atmosphere, a considerable reputation as an activist place plus an active Extreme Metal scene (Zeal & Ardor originate from Basel and they allegedly share a member with Gravpel). The group, which (as already implied before) is a side project by members of other local prominent bands, is not reluctant to express their political beliefs delivering them with of ferocious mix of Black Metal and Crust Core. It may not be something that has not been played before but Norwegian Black Metal aficionados who despise the political ambiguity of the genre will for sure appreciate Power to the Filthy Masses. For me it is a late addition to my 2021 best albums list...

*Song title from Power to the Filthy Masses album by Gravpel


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